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FAQ - Login Difficulty

The majority of login problems are caused by forgetting the correct username and password for your site. If you think that you have forgotten your details then please email us and we will arrange a password reset for you.

Sometimes you may be able to successfully log in to your site, only to be logged straight back out again when you try to visit a new page. 95% of the time the problem is to due to over zealous security settings on your computer, specifically small files known as cookies!


Cookies are little files of information that websites store on your computer so that the next time you visit the same website, you can be recognised. Chief2moro sites set a cookie when you log in, so that they can remember that you are logged in successfully. If you are having problems like the one mentioned above, then it is likely that your computer is blocking the cookies, because it sees them as a security risk.

Your computer is paranoid if it is doing this, as nowadays cookies are generally harmless and actually vital to providing a rich web experience. To correctly log in to your Chief2moro you need to enable cookies on your computer.

There are two main places to check for your cookie settings:

  • Most web browsers (Internet Explorer/Firefox) allow you to disable cookies somewhere in a setting - so check this first and make sure that cookies are allowed.
  • Anti-Virus software can also block cookies, so have a check through the settings if you have Norton etc.

Once you've enabled cookies, try logging in again and hopefully this time you'll stay logged in!

Trusted sites

If you have enabled cookies in both your web browser and your security software (if you have any), and you are still having difficulty logging in to your Chief2moro site, we have one more thing to try.

Even though cookies are enabled, some web browsers (Internet Explorer) will still block cookies if they appear to come from a site that is not the one that appears in the browser's address bar. Because of the way Chief2moro host their websites, Internet Explorer may mistakenly think that the cookies that are needed to login to your website are coming from an untrusted source, when in reality they are coming from (or, or, depending which service you use).

Rather than lowering your security settings for all websites you visit, you can set your browser to 'trust' any cookies set by (or,

To set a site's trust status in Internet Explorer.

  • Click the Tools menu and then Internet Options
  • Next go to the Privacy tab and click Sites
  • Type in the web address of the site you want to allow (, or, or and click Allow
  • Click OK and then OK again.

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