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SiteChief - Site Admin

If you follow the site admin link and correctly enter your login details, you will be taken to the site admin page. This page lists the three core components that make up your SiteChief website.

  • 1. Accounts
  • 2. Pages
  • 3. Navigation.

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One of the benefits of a SiteChief powered website is the ability to let multiple users contribute to the upkeep of the website. This is achieved by giving them a username and password in the accounts section, which allows them to sign in and add content. Each account can be set-up with a different admin level, USER (default) or SUPER USER which determines whether they can add/edit other people's web accounts.

The accounts section of the site admin page contains a link allowing you to edit your own login details, see section Adding new user accounts.

(SUPER USER ONLY) If you have SUPER USER status then the accounts section also lists all of the active accounts for your website, along with details of the number of times the account has logged in and also the date that it last logged in. There are also links allowing you to edit each individual account and create a new account, see section Adding new user accounts, for further details.


Pages that you have created for your website are listed in a table, sorted in order of when they were last edited. Also shown in the table arelinks to view and edit each individual page. Underneath the table is a link allowing you to create a new page, see Add/edit new pages.


Any links that you have added to your navigation section are shown in the navigation table. Also shown are links allowing you to remove a navigation link, or to reorder them. The Navigation table is sorted in the same order as the links will appear in your navigation menu.

Beneath the table are two textboxes and a button to allow you to enter the details of a new navigation link. For further details see Adding page links to your navigation menu.

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